Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chronicles of Narnia franchise

The latest film from the Narnia franchise, Voyage of the drawn Treader, didn't stand close to any of its predecessors. The series box office income per film has been decreased drastically. The decrease caused the latest film to go under negotiations with Disney, however soon Fox took over and produced the film. The first film in the series got approximately $745 million worldwide, classifying as the best film in the series. The Prince of Caspian got almost half of its predecessor. Now the latest film doesn't appear to be able to reach to the box office worldwide income of Prince Caspian, which in Disney perspective was a failure. However, Fox thought differently, they invested in this latest film. The Voyage of the Drawn Treader probably is the last film in the franchise for the book which the film was based on was the most favorite one, and therefore should have performed the best. If so then why did the film do horribly compared to the Lion and the Witch and Wardrobe? The answer can only be the film itself, the direction, and the changes from the book. I believe that this would be the last film in the series and let’s not hope differently and await the finale of the franchise The Last Battle. But, Life is money, income, and winning. If Fox considers the decrease of the box-office performance of the films, they will soon see that the franchise is dead. Moreover, the films 3-D release should have improved the income of the film however; it didn't do a big effect. So what can they do to make the film better? Nothing! In the end the franchise isn't gonna see The last battle and most probably the Voyage of the Drawn Treader is the last and weakest film in the franchise. Although this article is written before the close date of Narnia 3, the films expected results are put in as I said in the following article. Nevertheless, the future remains to be seen. The Future can contradict me or agree with me. Either way, I believe that the franchises future has been said and set.

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