Monday, November 21, 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 shines to the third highest-grossing day ever.

Garnering over $72 million on Friday including midnight showings ($30.25), Breaking Dawn - Part 1 dethroned its predecessor, Eclipse, and took the seat of a highest-grossing day ever. However. its still behind New Moon and the most recent "king"--Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2. It will easily reach above 140 million and end up with $139.7 million in bank. Although it hits big dollars at its debut, most twilight movies slow  down very quickly and never reach long heights. New Moon is the highest-grossing film in the series with $709.8 million worldwide. Expect it gross around New Moon. Breaking Dawn currently has 92% like rating on     Flixter, and the approval rating on the other hand, is a low 27%. Critics are disparaging it for its slow pace and artificial humor that doesn't seem to attract any newbies. But surely would please long time avid buffs.

Landing second, Happy Feet Two called in less fans but fought its ways through with decent numbers for an opening day of 5.9 million--almost half of Happy Feet's $12.2 million in 2006. Although it appears as the only film children would go to, it didn't seem to win a lot of money. Moreover, its introduction of 3D didn't improve results; it only signifies that pulled fans away. Since Avatar, 3D hasn't been much of a success. Movie-goers have clearly lost the interest of paying more and wearing the pesky eye-glasses that come along with it. Look for it to gross $23.1 million

Immortals in its second week, dropped 74 percent to $3.83 million. A very harsh drop compared to 300( and Clash of the Titans.The movie has now earned $44.5 million through eight days. Expect it to gross around $12.3 million.

Studio Estimates coming soon

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