Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ghost Rider: The Chain of Fire fails to extend

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance(February 17, 2012)

Our sequels don't seem to stop with 2011; Ghost Rider 2 follows the first rider starring Nicholas Cage. The first film in the series didn't perform very well at the box office but at least it doubled its production budget of $110 million to rake in $229 million worldwide with equal shares domestically and internationally. The upcoming sequel is supposed to be released in 3D, increasing the revenue of the film. 

The film is set to open in 3,000 theaters which is considerably less than the predecessor 3,600+. With a run-time that is only 90 min. long, the film is the shortest in the series. Without any novel additions to this sequel, it doesn't have any punch that will    make it gross big amounts. Including Nicolas Cage's star power fall, the film has no chance to gross anywhere above $200 million. With an opening weekend that is 48% of the predecessor, Ghost Rider 2 has a very low chance to gross above the first film in North American markets. Including all the results, Ghost Rider will probably end its run with $54 million domestically. The opening weekend of Ghost Rider 2 internationally will determine the overall success of the film. However, without any  improvements in Facebook likes, the film doesn't seem to have any avid fans in international markets. Although the film under-performed in the US, the international debut opened well with $22 million. With such a trend, it has the potential to gross around $80 million internationally.
Chance*: 0%
Final Gross: $135 million

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