Friday, May 31, 2013

'The Lone Ranger' Box Office Forecast

'The Lone Ranger' joins Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp in another Western movie this July. Although Johnny Depp's track record is very well with movies, most notably with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and  Alice in Wonderland, The Lone Ranger's western style and middling trailer reception don't bode too well.

Recent western style movies such as Django Unchained, True Grit, and Cowboy and Aliens each grossed $162.8 million, $171.2 million, and $100.2 million respectively in North America. Both Django Unchained and True Grit were relatively well received while Django's performance was fueled mainly by Tarantino's impressive directorial effects and reputation. Therefore, it is safe to assume that 'The Lone Rangers' final North American gross should land between $100 and $170 million.

On the international front, each of the previously selected movies grossed $260 million, $79.9 million, and $74.6 million respectively. Clearly, Django Unchained rules this set and in fact is among one of the most successful Western-films in non-north American countries.  For Lone Ranger to pull of a $260 million internationally, it must have some strong interest (that may be found in Johnny Depp and the titular connection to the Lone Ranger comics) and should be well-received.  Rango's(another Western style movie directed by Verbinski and voiced by Depp) international revenue is comparatively low at only $121 million, albeit it was an animated film and didn't exactly have Johnny Depp's face but only his name and voice.

North American Forecast: $127 million
Non-North American Forecast: $185 million
Worldwide: $312 million


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