Thursday, April 5, 2012

Titanic 3D: Opening weekend

With three strong movies this weekend, Titanic is expected to be the victor. Considering the fact that Titanic is set to be released a few days before American Reunion, it gives the James Cameron's spectacle a good chance to score more money. On its opening day, the 3D release is expected to kick off The Hunger Games from the #1 seat with approximately $6 million. As of now, Fandago is reporting that Titanic is responsible for 50% of daily sales including 3D theaters. Expect Titanic 3D to garner $49 million from  its Wednesday to Sunday debut frame.

Opening in virtually all markets across the world, Titanic has the chance to bewitch fans again. Titanic in 1998 grossed more than $1.2 billion internationally and now with the chance to cruise in theaters Titanic is poised to gross more than $90 million internationally. With good presales in China, interest in other Asia  countries should also follow. Japan will also remain the most interesting market as it is the second highest-grossing market in global terms with $201 million in the bank. Expect a final international gross of $110 million.

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