Saturday, March 31, 2012

Titanic 3D: Worldwide Forecast

Titanic 3D re-release(6 April, 2012)

Revisiting theaters after 15 years, Titanic—the highest-grossing non-3D film—is expected to debut to a staggering re-release opening both in North America and non-North American Markets. With Lion King’s (3D) impressive worldwide revenue, 3D re-releases have been appealing and lucrative for movie companies. Considering that Titanic is more popular than Lion King, James Cameron’s spectacle has a higher chance to gross above $157 million and pass the $2 billion mark. The trailer of the re-release evokes the same suspense and thrill the original film had but with a new flavor. Although the total number of trailer views are low, facebook likes have increased(by 7 million) over the months suggesting an interest among adults rather than teenagers.

Titanic finished its run in 1998 after the video of the film was actually released. With the chance of being released again, Titanic can easily gross more than $185 million worldwide. Expect it to be the second film to pass the $2 billion mark.
Worldwide Forecast: $175-210 million

Check out the trailer:

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