Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wrath of the Titans: Worldwide Forecast

1.   Wrath of the Titans In 3D (29 March, 2012)
Wrath of the Titans Banner
The sequel of Clash of the Titans is poised to kick-start the year with the largest- international opening weekend of 2012. The second film in the Clash of the Titans franchise, distributed by Warner's Bros., will star Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson. The predecessor brought in $493 million globally while most critics disparaged its 3D post-conversion. The sequel is also supposed to be released in 3D.

 However, in order to avoid any 3D-conversion criticism, producer Basil Iwanyk, was meticulous in post-converting the film to 3D. The studio also claims that  quality of conversion was far superior than that of Clash of the Titans. WoT should gross more money in non-north America markets than its predecessor. However, in North America, it's less likely that it will make a huge increase due to the lack of interest in 3D and sequels. Expect it to gross around $485 million worldwide.

Worldwide Forecast: $490 million

Comments: Definitely an improvement over Clash of the Titans--going deeper into the mythology of the Greeks and the characters. However, all this is plastered with garish action effects and a plot that has the potential to be great but lacks any logical sequence.

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