Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games Worldwide Forecast

The Hunger Games opened to a staggering $152 million for its opening weekend. It's opening weekend currently ranks as the third biggest opening weekend and the biggest opening weekend for a non-sequel. Compared to Twilight, the gender percentage was 69% female(31% male) which was relatively higher than Twilight's usual 80% female audience. A sign of a varied audience and good Flixter ratings(87%) portends strong-holds for the weeks to come. Moreover, the fact that it didn't open in 3D and scored such a high opening suggests that 2D is still capable of pulling in big numbers. The Hunger Games is better compared to Harry Potter in North American terms and may even surpass the ultimate Harry Potter film. Expect a North American gross of $348 million.

In an international view, The Hunger Games was less interesting and garnered a mediocre $59.25 million--second biggest international debut of 2012--from 69 markets for the #1 seat this weekend. A low opening internationally is expected as the book is less known overseas and the marketing efforts of Lion Gate were effete and powerless compared to its efficacious and powerful domestic promotion. However, if a sequel is to be made(which is very likely), higher international grosses wouldn't be a surprise. In present time, nonetheless, The Hunger Games, wouldn't have much trouble to aim north of $234 million from non-North American markets.

Worldwide Forecast: $582 million
UPDATE:*Catching Fire sequel is in works as announced by Lionsgate.
This week is going to be interesting to see how much the film drops...

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