Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games: Second Weekend Predictions & Wrath of the Titans Opening Weekend

After a record-setting debut for The Hunger Games, Gary Ross's book-to-film adaptation will remain in the number one spot for the upcoming weekend. Although there are notable new-comers, The Hunger Games’ popularity will hold well. An indication of the films on-going popularity is a good 4% Monday-to-Tuesday decrease that is significantly lower than Alice in Wonderland’s 11% decrease. In addition to the film's great amassing power, early word of mouth seems to be quite strong given the film's A rating on CinemaScore. Expect the Hunger Games to rake in $73.7 million this weekend. It is also a good contender for the all-time biggest second weekend gross which is currently held by Avatar with $75.62 million. However, due to both the cut-down in IMAX theatres and the introduction of new popular movies this week, The Hunger Games will have a hard time grossing anywhere above $75 million.
Scene from the latest film in the Clash of the Titans franchise

Competing against The Hunger Games, Wrath of the Titans doesn't seem to have the same wrath of its predecessor. With a weak start in twitter feeds and comment activity, the sequel of Clash of the Titans will have a low chance to make the same amount of money as the first film in the Titan franchise. Although the film has never been powerful in North-America, it still is an important element for the total revenue.

Warner's Clash of the Titans debuted to $61.24 million in its opening weekend. However, during the first film's debut frame competition wasn't similar to that which WoT is in. Look for Wrath of the Titans to gross a below par $38.7 million over its opening weekend.

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