Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'The Amazing Spider Man': Earns the Biggest Tuesday Gross

Current estimates by Sony place The Amazing Spider-Man's Tuesday earnings close to $35 million, surpassing Transformers’ $27.9 million gross to become the highest-grossing Tuesday opener. Although a record breaker, The Amazing Spider-Man did not have much competition in breaking this record as very few films of the same blockbuster level open on Tuesdays. The only other notable Tuesday-opener is Micheal Bay's Transformers, which opened in 2007—adjusting to both inflation and 3D premiums Transformers' opening will mount to somewhere around $35 million.

From 4,011 locations, Transformers eventually grossed $155.4 million in its Tuesday to Sunday run. Webb's reboot earned $7.5 million in its midnight showings, which is slightly less, than Transformers’ $8.8 million ($10.1 million, adjust. to infl.). With this trend, The Amazing Spider-Man can easily gross $166.1 million. However, the fact that some critics are panning it for being a derivative of the original Spider-Man film does not put the new Spider-Man in a better situation. At Flixter, 84% of the audience is fond of the movie, which counters the negative reviews from quite a few critics. Ultimately, the success of the film is contingent on the audience's opinion not that of the critics. Expect $143.0 million  for the films six-day debut. 

*News suggests that the success of the film has led way to a trilogy so a new Spider-Man franchise is not far away.

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