Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Amazing Spider Man: International Forecast

Non-North American (International)

In the previous Spider-Man franchise, international earnings were always great; increasing from the first film to the last by over 32.6%. Spider Man 3 grossed $554.3 million, the highest international earning in all the franchise, while Spider Man grossed $418.0 million. It is clear that the Spider-Man franchise has strong market-holds in many international territories.

From 2007 to 2012, many non-North American markets would have grown, notably Chinaa flourishing territory in box office revenuesRussia, and Brazil. The Amazing Spider-Man should have no trouble earning more than $250 million internationally, considering the fact that it even has a 3D punch. All the previous Spider Man movies were released in 2D and at a time where IMAX theaters were not in huge numbers and less prevalent. Now, there are more than 580 IMAX venues internationally.

In 13 international markets, The Amazing Spider-Man opened on June 28-30, garnering a strong $50.2 million. The new reboot has already surpassed the opening of The Avengers in two countriesKorea where the new 3D reboot debuted to $13 million which is $3 million more than the opening of The Avengers, and India where it opened to  $6 million which is the biggest-opening for an American film. In Korea and India, The Avengers went on to gross more than $50 million and $13 million respectively. With these revenues, Webb's on a propitious start.

Final International Forecast: $540 million

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