Saturday, April 27, 2013

Star Trek Into the Darkness: Worldwide Forecast

Star Trek Into the Darkness follows the 2009 domestic hit Star Trek. The 2009 film in the Star Trek franchise grossed $386 million worldwide including a large percentage (66.8%) from North America. The sequel calls back the same cast including director J.J Abrahams and Chris Pine.

Recent audience response to the trailers has been well while online activity has been largely modest compared to other May blockbusters. Trailer views are a good estimation of the size of the hardcore fan base of the film and currently numbers are mediocre with the highest viewed trailer at 13 million. Nonetheless, the film doesn't need a strong fan base but should intrigue the general audience as did the original film (and this time internationally). Marketing of the film has been satisfactory.

Based on this data, it is rather difficult to predict anything overseas but one thing is for certain Star Trek Into the Darkness will definitely gross more than its predecessor internationally.(due to the general trend where sequels see a strong rise overseas rather than domestically.) Currently, the projected non-North American gross starts at $278 million till $400 million. The four year break between the two films must have expanded the Star Trek franchise but the extent, especially, internationally is unknown. With a lot of competition, in the packed month of May, the sequel will face some trouble in North America.
North American: $295 million
Non-North American: $371 million
Global: $666 million 

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