Tuesday, August 16, 2011

International Box-office--What in the Smurfs?

After 4 consecutive weeks of paramountcy in the international markets, Harry Potter was dethroned by the Smurfs. While others--Rise of the Planet of the Apes also put up mighty numbers, while Transformers: Dark of the Moon made another major feat on the all-time worldwide table.

Hitting No.1 spot, The Smurfs grossed an estimate $60 million from 44 countries, with a powerful opening from China--12.5 million. With a lot of competition, The Smurfs pulled in good numbers topped by the United Kingdom ($6.6 million), Russia ($4.5 million) and South Korea ($2.5 million). It also had strong holds in both Brazil ($5.3 million) and Germany ($4.6 million), dropping 25 and 28 percent, respectively. In only two weeks of opening, it has grossed $141 million overseas.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes grew to 39 markets and raked $39.8 million, with impressive starts in the United Kingdom ($9.65 million), France ($8.7 million) and Germany ($4.6 million). With a $74.4 million foreign total, Apes is set to expand to South Korea next weekend and Brazil and Mexico opening in the following week.

The last potter still has some life in it after 4 weeks, pulling in around $30 million from 61 markets to add up to a staggering 857.8 million internationally. Holding well in Japan, it escalated to $5.2 million due to Obon Holidays. On Sunday, Deathly Hallows - Part 2 became the second fastest film to reach the $1.2 billion mark(33 days) behind Avatar.

With disappointing results in the US, Green Lantern flew 405.714% to $14.2 million in 28 markets. It debuted in first place in Mexico with $4.3 million and also had a $3.1 million debut in Australia. The movie has now made a decent $61.6 million overseas, with expected openings in Brazil and Japan. It still remains below the production budget of $200 million, with only $176.6 million worldwide. By the end of its run, it should pass the $200 million mark to gross around $201.3 million. Although the film wasn't a financial success, Warner Bros. has put a sequel in production.

Cars 2
slowed 44 percent to $13.1 million for a $290 million total. It passed the first Cars late last week and has now made $476 million globally.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
eased 41% to $12.5 million from 62 territories. It added $4.7 million in China to bring its total to a whopping $151.1 million.In Japan, it also slid just 5 percent to $4.6 million. After, Transformers passed Toy Story 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest to take fifth place on the all-time worldwide chart with $1.071 billion.

Other Notables - Weekend Gross - Gross-to-Date
Captain America: The First Avenger - $12.2 - $128.3
Super 8 - $9.5 - $94.5
Cowboy & Aliens - $7 - $7
Bridesmaids - $5.4 - $98.1
Horrible Bosses - $5.4 - $35
Mr. Popper's Penguins - $4.7 - $89.3
Zookeeper - $3.8 - $56.2
Bad Teacher - $3 - $94
Residual Leave (Resturlaub) - $2.7 - $2.7
Glee - $1.2 - $1.2
Kung Fu Panda 2 - $1 - $453

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