Wednesday, August 17, 2011

North American Box office Analysis

Even after high ticket pricing(3D), the total revenue of individual films remain low throughout recent years. With many new theaters and screens opening, film revenues are supposed to increase. Moreover, only 5 films in the past 6 years have passed the $400 million mark, and 2 of them benefited from 3D revenues and 4 of them were sequels. So whats happening?

The 5 films are Avatar(3D, 2009), The Dark Knight(2008), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest(2006), Toy Story 3(3D, 2010), and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen(2008). Only 2 of these films passed the $500 million mark, being Avatar and The Dark Knight, which grossed $760.5 million and $533.3 million respectively. Now, another film also passed the $500 million mark to be the 2nd highest grossing film of all-time in North America--Titanic--which is directed by Cameron along with Avatar. The Dark Knight, POC2, and TF2 were all sequels which were boosted by their previous recognition and renown.

Higher ticket-pricing along with greater theater numbers should lead to higher gross revenues but it still remains ineffectual. In 2011, the sequel packed year, no film was able to gross over $400 million, even the last Harry Potter film(3D), which broke many record including Biggest opening weekend($168.4 million). In North America, many people are fed up from 3D leading to only 43-60% of total grosses to be from 3D unlike Avatar's high percentage. Such drops won't put 3D in better light. 3D has lost its vibe due to the glasses, bad 3D conversions, and the darkness that comes with glasses. So even though there are many boosters what is the reason for the drops?

Throughout the years more and more films are being showed and made, which means there is a lot more competition. With more competition and films, comes the option of variety. This means that there are more choices of films to pick at the cinemas. Before, the choice was much less which would mean that more people what the same thing. Many sequels also bring more vicissitudes in to the cinematic market since usually they would have original buffs to depend on while newcomers suffer. But soon sequels would have to battle it off.

Sometimes the marketing also has a great effect on the success of the film, as seen with Super 8 and Green Lantern. Both of which didn't clearly illustrate the antagonist/problem in the story which resulted in bad results at the box office.

Often times the newcomers can be promoted by the industry(Marvel), novel, director, and actor As seen with comics(Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America), Harry Potter, Inception(Christopher Nolan), and Johnny Depp

Although there are many boosters, films still perform below expectations since with boosters come downers.

Edward Ghazaley

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