Sunday, August 14, 2011

Upcoming Releases and the Billion Dollar Club

2011 was a sequel-packed year full of finales and reboots, most notable are Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2. Both of which joined the billion dollars club. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 also reached that milestone, but occurred due to the international market, accounting for 77% of the total gross. Its the highest percentage for the foreign market in the billion dollar club. POC4's domestic revenue was the least in the whole franchise, although it was released in 3D. But in North America 3D has been fading away, with percentages decreasing. Nonetheless, the international market is very avid for 3D with many new 3D venues. The international Market has had a huge increase due to 3D, but ticket sales are much less since Titanic. A notable increase in revenues is China where it's gross has increased tremendously, starting with Avatar which grossed over $200 million in China. Another important escalation is in Taiwan where its Theater count has increased from 12-15 theaters to 66+ theaters. Transformers 3 raked in an incredible $25+ million from Taiwan, even higher than Avatars $13 million.

Currently, the international market is becoming more important than the domestic. Transformers 2 foreign gross was $434.2 million compared to Transformers 3's $724 million. Clearly there has been a huge difference from 2008 to 2011's foreign gross.

Upcoming Releases

Up to now, only 3 films joined the billion dollar club in 2011, all of which are sequels. Other potential films are Sherlock Holmes and MI4 3D, but they have a lower chance of reaching the billion dollar milestone as they are released a week apart and Sherlock Holmes is not in 3D. I say that's it, there aren't any other films that can reach the billion dollar milestone in 2011. Some say that Twilight - Part 1 is a potential billion dollar film, but its rather impossible for it to gross that high since its predecessors didn't even gross higher than $709 million. Furthermore, it isn't in 3D which wouldn't boost it's foreign gross, considering the fact that all recent films starting with Avatar (2009) to Transformers 3 (2011) are in 3D reached the billion dollar mark.

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